13. Marks & Spencer

To prepare for the trip, I did some online browsing and came across these lovelies. I vowed to purchase the first pair I saw in my size. As we were wandering up Praed Street on our first night in London, a beacon in the shape of an M&S sign appeared on Edgware Road.

Because my husband is not a patient person when it comes to shopping (and because he was about to fall asleep in the store due to jet lag and I didn’t have the strength to carry him back to the hotel), I quickly found a pair in UK size 6, grabbed a pack of underwear, paid for them, and we were on our merry way.

After the pub meetup at the Windsor Castle, we happened upon the same Marks & Spencer as we were looking for dinner. Because my husband had had a few pints, I was able to lure him into the store, where again I found another pair of adorable shoes and a pack of underwear.

And then my husband decided it probably wasn’t a good idea to go in there anymore, due to my inability to leave the store without another pair of shoes. But I was extremely happy with my purchases, and have looked upon them adoringly and often.


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