7. Hyde Park

Our hotel was located across from Hyde Park on the north end. The first day we arrived, the park was the perfect location to walk off some of our jet lag and get some fresh air. Our goal was to keep moving as much as possible (although at a slow pace). We had a leisurely stroll around The Long Water and The Serpentine.

We stopped by the Diana Memorial Fountain, where lots of people were hanging out.

We admired some of the wildlife strutting and swimming around.

We watched several people gathering fruit from these trees.

We took a breather on a bench.

We admired the views.

We walked by the Peter Pan statue (where some of us might have claimed others in the party have similar items in their wardrobe, which is untrue).

We discovered there’s no skiing at this Buck Hill.

And then it was time for a pint at a nearby pub.



Last month, my husband and I took a trip to London, England. It was my fourth trip and his first. Every day since we’ve been back, we’ve ached to return. This is my way of coping until we do.